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If you hop on the ferry behind the Amsterdam Central Rail Station, you will see The EYE Film Museum, one of our most favorite places to visit.  The Collection of the museum is dated back to 1895 and does not hold back with the effects, the light play, or the complete fun of the historical film industry. The exhibits surround spectators (from ceiling to floor) with lights, colors, and sounds that are mesmerizing and hypnotizing. 
Entering another room, we discovered a huge exhibit where a white light was spinning circular, creating a vertical white disc.  When using a cell phone, there were lights captured that were not initially seen with the naked eye.  Never creating the same pattern of light.  
In another area, we all created a silent movie with a green screen and a formatted film, created with strings and effects from the 1920’s. So much fun and so cool. Even the building was a sight to see. It was designed by DMAArchitects based in Vienna, Austria.  They specialize in buildings that look as if they are in motion. In the photo below you see the front entrance to the museum and with the edit of the artist we pick up the black and white feel of the movies from the 1930’s.  

EYE FilmMuseum

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